About Blog

The Thyme to Spice It Up blog was created by Siona Sammartino as a way to celebrate healthy cooking, while empowering people to take charge of their health and well-being.  Thyme to Spice It Up helps you finally Have the Life You Want, Feel More Energized, Be Happy With your Weight Love Your Body.

On this blog you will find information about all aspects of whole foods nutrition and cooking.  Blog topics will explore information about the following:
v  Whole Foods Nutrition
v  Culinary Tips and Information
v  Foods For Healing, Boosting Immunity, Digestion & Overall Health
v  Finding Joy In Cooking and Eating
v  Enhancing Inner & Outer Radiance with Food
v  How to Eat for Digestive & Auto-Immune Disorders
v  Mindful Eating Tips & How To Nourish the Body, Mind, and Soul
v  Wild Food Foraging, Organic Gardening, Herbal Medicine