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Whole Foods: Vegetarian Basics & Beyond (CULINARY - 13VEGE01)

Are you a vegetarian or considering going vegetarian? Do you have questions about how to meet all of your protein needs and whether or not it is possible to get all of your nutrients from food alone? Join us in this “basics and beyond” class as we de-mystify how to healthfully eat a whole foods diet as a vegetarian. 

Jan 11, 2014 Sat, 1-5p.m. Siona Sammartino, MS, CN. 4 HRs
A plant-based diet can have tremendous health benefits and a vegetarian diet is a preferred way of eating among countless individuals. Yet, for many this means bulking up on processed pastas, breads and soy products, all of which are not whole foods nor related to health and vitality. If you are currently a vegetarian or are seeking to transition to a vegetarian diet, then this class is for you.
Questions like “how much protein do I really need, and is food combining really necessary?” or “can I meet all of my nutrients through food alone?” will be answered. We’ll explore everything you need to know about protein needs and you’ll finally understand how much and what types of proteins to choose from. Then we’ll explore nutrients of concern, how to maximize your diet to meet these nutrients and whether or not supplementation is necessary.
Lastly, you’ll walk away with a day’s meal plan, have all of the tools needed to mix and match plant-based foods to create the ideal whole foods vegetarian diet, and to reap the health benefits you’ve been seeking.
Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Calculate basic protein needs and identify whole foods sources of vegetarian protein
  • Demonstrate how to meet daily protein needs through whole foods
  • List the nutrients of concern and demonstrate how to maximize certain foods to meet these nutrient goals
  • Describe whether or not supplementation is necessary and if so list which nutrients to consider
  • Demonstrate how to create a balanced vegetarian meal plan and build the ideal vegetarian plate
Course Note:  Teens, ages 14 and older, may attend with an accompanying adult.

Please Bring: Each participant should bring a calculator. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch.
Location: Bastyr University Kenmore Campus, room 280. Bastyr University is housed in an older facility with fluctuating interior temperatures; it is advisable to wear layers. Also, Bastyr is a “fragrance-free” campus.

Phone: (425) 602-3152
General public$65.00
Bastyr/NIAOM Alumni$55.00
BU Staff$55.00
Full time student$45.00
CampusKenmore Campus
Audiencegeneral public, full time students

Whole Foods Cooking: A Tasty Introduction
Whole foods cooking is both nutritious and fun, and this introductory workshop is ideal for friends and family to experience together. Space is limited due to the size of the kitchen.

Whole foods cooking is both nutritious and fun, and this introductory workshop is ideal for friends and family to experience together. The morning will start with a short lecture, and then the real fun will begin in Bastyr’s Nutrition Kitchen. You and three others will work together in your own fully-equipped kitchen to prepare a meal of White Bean and Kale Minestrone, Whole Grain Bread with Mary’s Olive Tapenade, and Spinach Salad with Caramelized Onion and Sweet Glazed Nuts.  Your reward at the end of the workshop will be to sit down to a delicious luncheon with your classmates, followed by a cook’s favorite job – dishes and kitchen clean up.
This introduction to whole foods cooking will kick off our culinary series where you can explore how easy it is to incorporate whole foods cooking into your life.  Each workshop, including additional sessions of “Whole Foods Cooking: A Tasty Introduction,” will share new seasonal recipes for you to cook in class and then try at home in your own kitchen. Other workshops in the series will focus on whole grains, beans and soy; fruits and veggies; meat and poultry; fats, oils and salt; sweets; and dairy and eggs. Teens, ages 14 and older, may attend with an accompanying adult.
Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Discuss the connection between quality food and good health
  • Describe the meaning of a whole food, processed food, refined food, and nutrient-rich food
  • Prepare the recipes shared in this workshop
  • Demonstrate basic knife skills

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PCC Cooks Winter 2012 Schedule

Spice up Your Life!  

Siona Sammartino

Are you needing a little extra inspiration in the kitchen and want to jazz up your cooking routine but are unsure where to start? Siona will help you add depth to your dishes by layering flavors and enhancing the nutrient profile with herbs and spices. Stimulate your senses and taste delicious dishes while you learn how to vary flavors and spice up your life. As you sip on a steaming cup of Warming Chai Hot Cocoa with Coconut Cream, you’ll learn how to make Spiced Butternut Squash Soup; Winter Braised Greens; and French Lentils with Sage Butter. Vegetarian, with dairy; no eggs.

Members: $35, Non-members: $40
Saturday Jan 14, 3-5:30pm. West Seattle
Sunday Feb 12, 1-3:30pm. Edmonds
Friday Feb 17, 6:30-9pm. Greenlake
Sunday Feb 19, 1-3:30pm. Issaquah

Saturday Feb 25, 3-5:30pm. Redmond
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Anti Cancer Cooking Class Series
Come and learn about how to prepare simple yet delicious foods that not only taste great but are part of a lifestyle of cancer prevention and strengthening your body’s natural ability to resist cancer.

Classes are presented by Survivorship Partners & taught by Siona Sammartino, Whole Foods Chef & Nutrition Educator of Passionate Nutrition.
Series includes:
   Wk 1: Tasty and Nourishing legumes
   Wk 2: Healing Whole Grains
   Wk 3: Healthy Fats & Herbs/Spices to Soothe Inflammation
   Wk 4: Nutrient-Dense Power Greens

Where: Whole Foods Roosevelt Square
When: October 18th, 25th, November 01, 08 2011 Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pmSeries: $140

Register now through Google Checkout (or call 206-414-9992) and payment will secure a spot in this class. Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. If a class is cancelled for any reason, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone and issue a full refund.

PCC Cooks Fall 2011 Schedule

Soothing Inflammation  

Siona Sammartino

Inflammation is a common condition; luckily we don’t have to be at its mercy when armed with a way to eat that can calm and cool it down. We’ll explore how to choose and cook healthy fats, eat a wide variety of vibrant colors, and enhance digestion in order to put inflammation to rest and cultivate inner serenity. On the menu: Salmon with Blueberry Lemon Compote; Toasty Buttered Millet; Rainbow Chard and Arame Salad; and Cherries Jubilee with Vanilla Yogurt. With seafood, dairy and eggs.
Members: $40, Non-members: $45
  • Wednesday Sep 7, 6:30-9pm. Greenlake 
  • Monday Sep 12, 6:30-9pm. Redmond 
  • Tuesday Sep 13, 6:30-9pm. West Seattle 
  • Sunday Oct 9, 1-3:30pm. Issaquah 
  • Sunday Nov 6, 1-3:30pm. Edmonds 
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PCC Cooks Summer 2011 Schedule

The Art of Infusing  

Siona Sammartino

Herbal and spice infusions are a creative way to add depth of flavor to any dish. And infusing flavor into water, milk, honey, oil or sugar is a tasty way to boost the nutritional and flavor profile of your food. Siona will demonstrate some amazing flavor combinations in dishes such as Pan-seared Halibut with Fennel and Coriander-infused Oil; Lavender Lemon Refresher; Mixed Green Salad with Nettle Peppermint Vinaigrette; and Lemon Cookies with Sweet Jasmine Hibiscus Icing. With seafood, dairy and eggs.
Members: $35, Non-members: $40
  • Saturday May 7, 3-5:30pm. Edmonds
  • Friday May 20, 6:30-9pm. Greenlake
  • Sunday May 22, 1-3:30pm. Redmond
  • Sunday Jun 5, 1-3:30pm. Issaquah 
  • Wednesday Jul 20, 6:30-9pm. West Seattle 

Greens, Glorious Greens  

Siona Sammartino

Green foods are nutritional powerhouses that are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals, and they taste great too! Learn how simple and satisfying green vegetables can be and how to incorporate them into your daily diet. Siona will make Pear and Arugula Salad with Gorgonzola, Toasted Pecans, and Lemon Vinaigrette; Tangy, Buttery, Braised Swiss Chard; Sweet Citrus, Apple, Fennel and Wilted Kale Salad; and Spicy Sautéed Green Beans. Vegetarian, with dairy; no eggs.
Members: $35, Non-members: $40
  • Wednesday Jun 29, 6:30-9pm. Edmonds 
  • Wednesday Jul 6, 6:30-9pm. Greenlake 
  • Friday Jul 8, 6:30-9pm. Issaquah 
  • Monday Jul 11, 6:30-9pm. West Seattle Sorry. This section is full.
  • Thursday Jul 14, 6:30-9pm. Redmond 

PCC Cooks Winter 2011 Schedule

Fuel Your Inner Fire   
Siona believes that food is the best medicine, and she will help you explore whole foods and spices that promote inner warmth during colder winter months. Stimulate your senses and taste delicious dishes while you learn how to put together a balanced winter meal that will keep your engine revved. Dishes include Ginger and Lime-marinated Salmon; Lemony Garlic Quinoa and Kale Salad; Spiced Carrot and Onion Soup; and Warming Mayan Dark Chocolate Pudding. With seafood and dairy; no eggs. Members: $35, Non-members: $40
·       Sunday Jan 16, 1-3:30pm. West Seattle 
·       Friday Jan 28, 6:30-9pm. Greenlake 
·       Saturday Feb 5, 3-5:30pm. Edmonds 
·       Friday Feb 11, 6:30-9pm. Issaquah 
·       Sunday Feb 13, 1-3:30pm. Redmond